20 North Main St (also enter on 224 Benefit Street) Providence, RI 02903

Open today 10 am–5 pm


Today is November 23, 2017. Open today 10 am–5 pm

Art Shots: Creating Femininity

March 23, 2014, 2:30 – 3 pm
Benefit Street Entrance
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Throughout art history, the female figure has often functioned symbolically in works created by male painters. In a tour facilitated by Michelle Site (Brown University, Biology ‘14), we will examine how modernity and female artists have modified the female figure from a symbol to an independent entity. Considering the contrasting historical contexts, artist demographics, and purposes of three paintings, we will explore how historical trends, painterly choices, and artistic intent synthesize the female figure and to what end.

Explore art and design through gallery talks spanning centuries and cultures from the perspective of student artists and art historians.

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