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Today is January 18, 2018. Open today 10 am–5 pm

Art + Design Lab for High School Students: Everything Here is Wonderful

April 17, 2014, 4 – 6 pm
Fain Education Gallery
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These free classes for high school students explore how art and design provoke fresh ideas, elicit conversation, and stimulate creativity. Each monthly session focuses on specific themes and techniques and is led by Artist-Educators. Studio opens at 3:30pm, class starts at 4pm.
This is class 3 of 4. If you missed the first class we cannot accept late registrations, but please consider signing up for next month. Call 401 454 6674 with questions.
April Session: How can design shape shape our behavior? Explore graphic design as both a tool and a profession through the designers, artists, and entrepreneurs in Graphic Design: Now in Production. Using hands-on design processes, we will work with typography, text, and identity.

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