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Today is October 19, 2017. Open today 10 am–5 pm

Design the Night: KNOW HOW

June 19, 2014, 5 – 9 pm
Museum Galleries
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Visitors enjoy the new Rip Hudner Buddha Gallery.

Come design your night with an insider’s look at creative processes from ancient times to present day. Celebrate the re-opening of the Museum’s 6th floor, home to beloved objects from Ancient Egypt and Asia, as well as an entirely new Costume and Textile gallery. Inside the Museum, check out the newly reinstalled spaces, get making with local artists, watch demos, participate in a live recording session, and more. Outside on the plaza listen to local folk rock band The Mighty Good Boys, buy a snack from Mama Kim’s Korean Barbecue Truck, and enjoy beverages from our cash bar.

Free. More information and continuing updates on Facebook.

Office Hours: Illustration
5-7 pm | North Main Entrance
Jen Corace (RISD BFA 1996 Illustration) is a freelance illustrator who primarily works in children’s book illustration. Come see her process in process: from tools, materials to finished pieces.

Office Hours: Drawing as a Process
5-7 pm | Benefit Street Entrance
Artist Jane Masters demonstrates a few of her unorthodox methods for “building” drawings from repetitive mark-making.

Office Hours: Museum Design
5-9 pm | Chace Center Galleries
Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at RISD Museum collateral projects with Museum Graphic Designers Derek Schusterbauer and Brendan Campbell.

Office Hours: Costume and Textiles
5:30-7 pm | 6th Floor Galleries
Explore the new Costume and Textiles study space with curator Kate Irvin. Drop in to peek into drawers and ask questions.

Party on the Plaza
5:30-8:30 pm | Chace Plaza, North Main Street
Take advantage of the summer weather and listen to local folk rock band The Mighty Good Boys, buy a snack from Mama Kim’s Korean Barbecue Truck, and enjoy beverages from our cash bar.

5:30 pm | Grand Gallery
Get a first listen to the RISD Museum’s new audio program. More than 100 artists, scholars, designers, and students offer their perspectives on objects. Make selections at Join Museum staff to access vibrant object stories told by artists, designers, curators, historians, and students. Let their voices lead you through the galleries. *smartphone required

Material Potential
5:30-8:30 pm | European Galleries, 5th fl.
Select, stack, and sort samples of wood, metal, glass, plastics, and composites in relation to nearby paintings. Challenge yourself to use materials, on loan from RISD’s Material Resource Center, to represent a work of art. Kelly Lohr (RISD MFA 2016 Industrial Design) offers encouragement, using an iteration of Diana Wagner’s (RISD MFA 2014 Industrial Design) masters thesis.

Hands-on Art
6-8 pm | Grand Gallery
Step-by-step mark-making breaks down how a drawing is made. Sketching exercises give you freedom to experiment and investigate elements of line, shape, and tone. Guidance provided by art instructor, Paul Carpentier. All materials provided, no experience necessary.

The Mummy-In: A Marathon Reading
6-7:30 pm | Porcelain Gallery
In 1845 Edgar Allan Poe published “Some Words to a Mummy,” mocking the 19th century craze known as “Egyptomania.” Join Matthew Lawrence of Not About the Buildings and Christina Bevilacqua of the Providence Athenaeum for a read-aloud of the satirical tale and a bit of background on Poe’s parody. Sign up to read or just sit back and listen!

Curatorial Chat on the Mummy and Coffin of Nesmin
7:30-8:00 pm | Meet in Porcelain Gallery
After the marathon reading join RISD Museum Curator of Ancient Art Gina Borromeo and Emily Russo, Brown PhD candidate in Egyptology, for an exclusive look at the Mummy and Coffin of Nesmin. In this casual discussion around a much beloved object, ask questions about Ancient legends of the afterlife, hear portions of the hieroglyphs read aloud, and ‘unwrap’ some of the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Space is limited.

Artist Tour: Peter Lutz
6:30 pm | Meet at Benefit Street Entrance
Join Peter Lutz, artist, fabricator, and furniture­maker, for an informal look at Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast. He’ll shed light on the process of ceramic slip­casting and giving a maker’s insight into mold­making, clay and production casting.

Art Shots: Presence in Absence
7-7:30 pm | Meet at Benefit Street Entrance
What does it mean as a viewer to be forced to intuit presence where there is none in works of visual art, whether intended or not by the original artist? Join Victoria Charette (Brown University MA 2014 Public Humanities) to explore the role of presence in absence in objects across cultures, time periods, and media from the Museum’s permanent collection.

The Artist’s Lab: The Power of Remix
7-8:30 pm | Metcalf Auditorium
Join the AS220 Youth ZuKrewe in digging up buried treasures and remix them into a new original piece of art. Try your hand at designing your own through live sampling. An array of instruments and activities will let you experiment. Every thing in the room can be sampled, even you! No prior experience necessary. Plus: the beat created will be featured at Foo Fest, AS220’s annual block party fundraiser on August 9th.

Office Hours: 3-D Printing
7-8:45 pm | 6th Floor Galleries
Members of AS220 Labs will be scanning objects on the 6th floor and recreating them using a 3-D printer.

Work in Process: Maralie Armstrong
7:30 pm | 6th Floor Galleries
Maralie Armstrong (RISD MFA 2009 Digital + Media) discusses her research and process in creating a musical score inspired by the RISD Museum Nō robe collection. The score will be available for listening while viewing the collection and followed by an opportunity to ask questions and learn more.

Support for Summer at the Museum is provided by the Providence Tourism Council and the City of Providence.

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