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Pledges of Allegiance

September 13, 2017–July 31, 2018

Pledges of Allegiance is a nationwide art project organized by the New York–based public arts nonprofit Creative Time. The project is a serialized commission of 16 flags, each created by an acclaimed artist. Conceived in response to the current political climate, Pledges of Allegiance aims to inspire sense of community among cultural institutions and to begin articulating the urgent responses our political moment demands. Each flag points to an issue the commissioned artist passionately believes is worth fighting for, and speaks to how we might move forward collectively. As a call to action, institutions nationwide are raising Pledges of Allegiance flags in solidarity. To inaugurate the project, Creative Time raised Marilyn Minter’s RESIST FLAG on the roof of its headquarters on Flag Day, June 14.

While flags inspire a sense of unity and collective enterprise, they have also become deeply contested symbols that reflect and engender trenchant political, social, and historical debate. Pledges of Allegiance actively engages a current context in which the significance of flags and what they represent has never been more profoundly considered and contentious.
–Dominic Molon
Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art
RISD Museum

Pledges of Allegiance was originally conceived by Alix Browne and developed in collaboration with Cian Browne, Fabienne Stephan, and Opening Ceremony.

Artist Flags and Scheduled Raisings

Robert Longo, Untitled (Dividing Time), 2017 September 13–October 11, 2017
Jayson Musson, A Horror, 2017 October 11–November 7, 2017
Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace, 2017 November 7–December 13, 2017
Ann Hamilton, Fly Together, 2017 December 13, 2017–January 15, 2018
Pedro Reyes, Hands On With a Vision, 2017 January 15–February 14, 2018
Alex Da Corte, Friends (for Ree), 2017 February 14–28, 2018
Jeremy Deller, Don’t Worry Be Angry, 2017 February 28–March 14, 2018
Trevor Paglen, Weeping Angel, 2017 March 14–April 4, 2018
Rirkrit Tiravanija, Untitled 2017 (Fear Eats The Soul) (White Flag), 2017 April 4–25, 2018
LaToya Ruby Frazier, Flint, 1,105 Days And Counting Man Made Water Crisis, 2017 April 25–May 16, 2018
Ahmet Öğüt, If You’d Like This Flag in Colors, Burn It (In memory of Marinus Boezem), 2017 May 16–June 6, 2018
Vik Muniz, Diaspora Cloud, 2017 June 6–July 4, 2018
Josephine Meckseper, Untitled (Flag 2), 2017 July 4–31, 2018