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Out of Line / an open studio space for all

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Daily prompts, demonstrations, collaborations, and other creative experiments offer hands-on drawing opportunities. Try a drawing prompt inspired by artists from the past and present.

360 Degree Drawing
Choose an object. Draw its outline. Turn the object slightly. Draw its outline. Repeat. Repeat.

Dream Drawing
Draw a scene from a dream you have had.

Negative Drawing
Choose an object. Begin to draw everything that surrounds the object. Continue until all that’s left is a silhouette of the object.

Minimal Drawing
Choose an object. Draw it with the fewest number of lines possible.

Detail Drawing
Choose an object. Draw every possible detail of one portion of the object. Omit nothing.

Automatic Drawing
Without looking, allow your hand to move randomly across the paper. Stop. What forms do you see? Add to these forms.

Blind Contour Drawing
Choose an object and examine its outline. Slowly track the edge with your eyes while drawing what you see in a continuous line. Do not lift your pencil or look at the paper.

Gift Drawing
Ask someone to choose an object and to describe it to you in detail without revealing what that object is. Draw exactly what they describe. Give this drawing to someone.

Map Drawing
Draw a map of your day until this moment.

Drawing by Priscila De Carvalho, Dana Heng, and Shirla Auguste.