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How to Be a Museum Explorer

By Aja Blanc
  • Young Explorer's Guide Cover

Step 1: Explore in your own way

For intrepid souls who love the questions more than the answers, the Museum’s Young Explorer’s Guide to Art & Design is your guided ticket to investigating, analyzing, and imagining your way through the galleries. Designed by Providence artist Julia Gualtieri in collaboration with the Education Department, the guide takes a look at some of the “useful objects” in the Museum collection and has you documenting, sketching, comparing, and note-taking like a true explorer of the unknown. The rubber band holding the booklet together isn’t because we ran out of money—it lets you reuse the guide again and again, adding your own pages to the mix. The guide was printed right here in Providence at Black Cat Graphics. And if all that isn’t enough to get your adventure tingles going, the Young Explorer’s Guide was funded by the Mann Family in honor of Inga and Leon Mann’s 50th wedding anniversary. Awww. Hurray for love and explorations! 

Aja Blanc
Family and Youth Programs