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RISD Business: Sassy Signs and Sculptures by Alejandro Diaz

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Friday, November 16, 2012 through Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lower Farago Galleries

Have your photo taken with a life-size model of the artist’s aunt, receive a free toaster (limited availability) with every new Museum membership, and visit the Diaz Art Foundation in this exhibition of recent works.

Ranging from quaint stereotypes of Mexican identity to current socio-economic and art-world commentary, Alejandro Diaz’s text-based works and installations use language as a form of cultural critique and resistance. Conceptual and campy, his humor-infused politics and use of everyday materials are emblematic of his ongoing involvement with art as a form of entertainment, activism, public intervention, and free enterprise.

The exhibition also features Diaz’s iconic series of cardboard signs, which the artist will make and sell only on opening night, November 15, for an unbeatable $20 each.

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“RISD Business: Sassy Signs & Sculptures offers a contemporary counterpoint within the context of an academic institution whose collection spans centuries.” — Artforum Critics’ Pick

“Cheeky slogans” — ELLE magazine

“A laugh and a half… tart, fresh commentary” — Boston Globe

“Diaz’s playful institutional critique is densely layered with art historical references, pop culture allusions, and everyday speech acts that poke at the contemporary sphere of activity known as ‘art.’” — Art New England

“Some museum openings are oh-so-serious affairs…. The one slated for Thursday night at the RISD Museum will not be that kind of opening. Not, that is, if the evening’s guest of honor has anything to say about it.” — Providence Journal

“Conceptual art as wisecracks” — Providence Phoenix

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