Issue 19

Many Moons




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Badly Licked Bear
Aymar Ccopacatty
Julia Gualtieri
Maria Morris Hambourg
Kate Irvin
John Kenny
Evelyn Lincoln
Jack Madden
Margaret Masselli
Karen ní Mheallaigh
Sarah Mirseyedi
Dominic Molon
Srinivas Reddy
RISD Art Circle (RAC)
Jennifer L. Roberts
Katy Schimert


Issue 19—Many Moons


Approximately thirteen moons ago, I asked myself: Is it possible to live under a lunar calendar?

What would such a life reveal? What happens when you measure life in months instead of years? How would you interface with the databases that underlie digitized capitalism? Where to begin?

One begins with one’s own body, of course. Has science fiction taught us nothing?

—Badly Licked Bear, introduction


Manual 19 looks up to the skies to consider astronomy and space travel and ponder broader, more ancient associations, including the night in all its inky glory; tides, time, and calendars; the feminine; reflections and mirrors; love and enduring companionship; and lunacy, strangeness, and magic.


From the Files

Dominic Molon contemplates the alien artifice of Meredyth Sparks’s Space Oddity

Kate Irvin navigates the shimmering protection of Tavares Strachan’s B.A.S.E.C. Flight Jacket


Double Takes

Karen ní Mheallaigh and Katy Schimert shine a little light on a small Roman lamp

John Kenny and Evelyn Lincoln glean new meanings from a 1617 German farming calendar

Margaret Masselli and Srinivas Reddy illuminate an early 18th-century Indian miniature scene of women in a garden

Jack Madden and Jennifer L. Roberts map Nancy Graves’s Plate VI Maskeyne Da Region of the Moon


Artists on Art

Aymar Ccopacatty reflects on Olga de Amaral’s Cesta Lunar 24 (Moon Basket)



Reflections on the collection


Object Lessons

Sarah Mirseyedi eyes symbolism and meaning in the work of Odilon Redon

Maria Morris Hambourg looks to Julia Margaret Cameron’s portrait of astronomer John Herschel


How To

Read an oracle deck using tarot cards made by the RISD Art Circle Teens & Julia Gualtieri



Manual 19: Many Moons is accompanied by a special Spotify playlist. Access Moon Songs here



RISD Museum director: Tsugumi Maki
Manual editor-in-chief: Sarah Ganz Blythe
Editor: Amy Pickworth
Art director: Derek Schusterbauer
Graphic designer: Brendan Campbell
Graphic design assistants: Jason Ma, Rebecca Wilkinson
Digital designer: Brendan Campbell
Rights manager: Sionan Guenther
Photographer: Erik Gould (unless otherwise noted)
Printer: GHP

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Jonathan Cramp
b. 1930 in Ninfield, Sussex, UK; works in UK
The Tide Is Out, mid-1900s
Watercolor on paper
Image/sheet: 41 × 35.5 cm (16 1/8 × 14 in.)
Anonymous gift 2016.80.36