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Images for Publication

An Image License for Publication covers all projects for publication or public distribution

Terms and Conditions

  • All approved uses are for one-time only. Any subsequent uses will require separate permission.
  • The media provided to you cannot be, duplicated, sold, published, distributed or otherwise re-purposed for any use other than the one specified under a Licensing Agreement with the RISD Museum.
  • The User must use or reproduce only from media supplied by the Museum.
  • The media provided cannot be cropped, manipulated, overprinted, printed in colored ink, altered, or appended in any form without permission from the RISD Museum. A sample layout must accompany a request for permission.
  • The media provided remain the property of the RISD Museum and must be deleted, discarded or returned after use or at the expiration of the Licensing Agreement.

Available Media

PRINT Publication

@ 48MB
@ 4000 pixels on the long dimension
TIF Format
Adobe 1998 Color management

WEB Publication

@ 1 MB or less
@1000 pixels on the long dimension
JPG Format
Adobe RGB Color management

Basic Fee Structure

Existing Photography

$150 Image Fee (per image)
$300 Reproduction Fee * (per image) - waived for non-profit and scholarly use

*New Photography *

$200.00 for the first view
$50.00 for each additional view

Payment Options

If the request is approved, pre-payment is due in advance of all media distribution. Accepted forms of payment include, check or money order drawn from U.S. banks, in U.S. dollars, and payable to Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design. The Museum also accepts credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or wire transfers (additional fees apply).

Users should be aware that the media made available may be subject to additional restrictions, including but not limited to Copyright and the Right of Privacy, of parties other than The RISD Museum. USERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for determining the existence of any additional restrictions, obtaining necessary permission, and paying any associated fees which may be required for the proposed use.

Information Required

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

Requester Information

  • Contact Name
  • Contact mailing address
  • Contact email
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Name and contact information of party responsible for billing, if different from above

Publication Information

  • Publication/Project Title
  • Author
  • Publisher/Producer
  • Publication Release Date
  • Geographic Distribution Area/Territory
  • Language(s)
  • Publication Format/Media (print publication, e-book, website, video, or other media)
  • Print Run/Circulation
  • Image Size
  • Retail/Unit Price
  • Image due date

Artwork(s) Requested

  • Object Artist/Maker
  • Object Title
  • RISD Museum Number