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Professional Development


Why bring your team to the RISD Museum?

Are you looking for ways to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking in your team? Seeking inventive ways to initiate projects? Would your team benefit from training in specific critical and creative skills? The RISD Museum, located on the campus of the top art and design school in the country, provides an intimate and inspiring setting for professional development.

To help you achieve your goals, art educators create a program based on proven methods from art-based learning. Through encounters with works of art and design, your team will gain practical skills for improving your work and work culture. You will build collaborative strategies, practice problem-solving techniques, and establish habits for working like artists, with agility and creativity.

Several options are available for your professional-development experience, all based on art observation and interpretation and cultivating innovative thinking.

To discuss options for your group, please contact the Special Events Office at 401 454 6505.

Program Options

Ways of Looking
Transform a meeting, reception, or lunch break into an hour-long experience with original works of art, and inspire original thinking amongst your team. An art educator facilitates a lively group conversation that encourages creative and critical insights and supports clear communication skills.

Ways of Making
Pen to paper, brush to canvas—works of art are the result of materials, techniques, and an artist’s hand at work. An art educator provides demonstrations and supportive direction as you make your mark. You and your team will be empowered to think and make like an artist through an iterative, fluid process of ideation. Find inspiration in unexpected sources, and promote self-authorship amongst your colleagues. This two-hour session can be done alone or in tandem with Ways of Looking for an in-depth museum experience.

Ways of Thinking
This workshop, which can last two hours or a full day, offers a unique take on professional development through creative exercises and discussions, inspiring new ways of thinking and of generating ideas. Develop critical skills through the immersive process of art observation, creative investigations, and new shared experiences. See below for specific variations that can be taken alone or combined.

Innovation and Ideation: Promote imaginative methods for generating new ideas. This can be a guided brainstorming session addressing a specific project for your organization or designed more generally to offer a toolkit of techniques.

Constructive Critique: Learn strategies for offering useful and productive feedback and building communications skills. This session will help support a healthy exchange of ideas amongst your team, and an appreciation for a variety of perspectives.

Critical Problem Solving: Bring your team together to improve skills of close examination and creative interpretation and reconsider your pre-established patterns of decision making. This session can be designed to help consider an issue your team must address, or the session can be facilitated as a means to establish specific methods for creatively and collaboratively working through complex questions.

Art of Communication: Artists use surprising methods for telling powerful narratives. Take inspiration from works of art and design and build your team’s creative capacity to communicate ideas with originality and vision.

Creative Collaboration
Develop a culture of collaboration and teamwork through shared experiences with works of art, group conversation, and making exercises. Guided by an art educator, you and your team will enrich skills and frameworks for working together. Combine this session with any of the above for an extended professional-development experience.

Custom Programming
Work with a trained art educator to create a specialized workshop, tour, or meeting tailored precisely to your needs. The Museum’s rich resources of original works of art and inspirational spaces, and the expertise of its educators, are at your fingertips.

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For groups interested in visiting the Museum for a traditional docent-led tour or self-guided visit, please visit our group visit page. For information about professional development for K-12 educators please visit our teachers page.

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