20 North Main St (also enter on 224 Benefit Street) Providence, RI 02903

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RISD Art Circle 2015-2016

The RISD Art Circle (RAC) is a group of young artists and art enthusiasts who explore the RISD Museum collection and activate the Museum galleries through events, interpretative projects, community collaborations, and hands-on learning activities, inspiring all of us to see the world in a creative way.

The 2015/16 RAC members are excited to create opportunities for other teens to discover connections through personal stories, artistic practice, and enjoyable experiences.

01 Angela

Angela is a yarn enthusiast who, when not at the RISD Museum, can be found knitting, reading, eating, or browsing vintage-clothing stores.

01 Carley

Carley is a passionate teen who loves analyzing and interpreting art just as much as she loves creating it. She enjoys photography, painting, and experimenting with new mediums, and plans on being an art-school rebel one day.

01 Elvis

Elvis is a chameleon con artist. With a passion for makeup, Elvis can make you look like you came back from the dead, traveled into a different time period, or make you look like you’re worth a million bucks.

01 Filipa2

Filipa is a food enthusiast who enjoys sleeping in on the weekend and long walks through museums. On weekdays she is usually at school, at Model UN, doing homework, playing violin, or listening to talk radio.

01 Grace

Grace is an activist, artist, knowledge enthusiast, and “brain nerd” who aspires to study cognitive neuroscience and studio art.

01 Maxine

Maxine is an aspiring artist who surrounds with art, from photography to drawing to singing writing stories to painting and more.

01 Sahira

Sahira is creative, adventurous, and open-minded, and seeks to fulfill her ever-growing curiosity about how the world around her works. She is also involved at AS220, likes crossword puzzles, watches documentaries, and makes clothes.

01 Jaqueline

Jacqueline is an artist who creates through drawing, sewing, painting, and sculpting. She loves to learn about history and finds inspiration through books, film, paintings and drawings, as well as experiences amidst nature and people.

01 Holly Sophia

Holly-Sophia is excited to see and do as much as possible, including to travel to every country in the world. You are guaranteed to find her behind an easel, a camera, or a stack of books, wearing a cute dress.

01 Jess1

Jess is an artist and musician who wants to use her talent to communicate with the world. When she is not people-watching, she is involved at AS220 and in various community activism projects.