20 North Main St (also enter on 224 Benefit Street) Providence, RI 02903

Open today 10 am–5 pm

RISD Art Circle 2016-2017

The RISD Art Circle (RAC) is a group of young artists and art enthusiasts who explore the RISD Museum collection and activate the Museum galleries through events, interpretative projects, community collaborations, and hands-on learning activities, inspiring all of us to see the world in a creative way.

The 2016/17 RISD Art Circle aspires to create a welcoming community for teens to explore what matters to them through collaborations, investigating the creative process and working with artists.

Sarah05 Sm

Sarah loves making art, skiing, New Hampshire hiking, watching movies, playing volleyball, and snacking on cheese and crackers. As an adventurous, creative spirit, she cannot wait for the day when she can wander to wherever whenever she wants.

Jamey04 Sm

Jamey is an artistic and creative spirit who enjoys drawing, painting, writing, and beading. She hopes to run for president one day and create a new path to a better future.

Angel01 Sm

Angelique is a lover of film, musical theatre, psychology, and sequins. When not coming up with movie plots, she can be found shopping at H&M or eating Chipotle in her robe.

Nicole01 Sm

Nicole is a mango manic and while eating all things mango she can also be found reading the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. She enjoys drawing whenever and whomever she can.


Maxine is an art enthusiast who enjoys spending her time drawing, taking photos, dancing. When not lost at the museum or making art, she enjoys playing a mean game of tennis, skateboarding, or pasta.

Kaylie01 Sm

Kailey, an artist with a passion for learning, enjoys being creative with almost any media and loves a good book, a cup of tea, and alternative music.

Gina05 Sm

Gina is so into art it makes her friends and family uncomfortable. When not at the RISD Museum, she can be found taking photographs, drawing comics, metalsmithing, or making friends with people on RIPTA.

Josephine04 Sm

Josephine is a film enthusiast who enjoys painting, making collages, and taking photos. When she’s not at the museum, you can find her thrifting, watching movies, and going to shows with her friends.

Lauren04 Sm

Lauren spends most of her time creating. When she isn’t behind a sketch pad she’s usually in her stage blacks running the show behind the scenes. Lauren’s plan to attend art school and take on social issues with her artworks.

Cole04 Sm

Cole is an elite ultimate Frisbee player with a passion for spicy foods. When not on the field, he can probably be seen playing video games or maybe even drawing on shoes.

Noeh01 Sm

Noeh is an eyeliner aficionado, future museum curator, and sushi enthusiast. She is always excited to talk to artists and lovers of art, and is going off to college next year to study art history.

Isabelle04 Sm

Isabelle believes that being inspired is one of the best feelings, and she often watches TEDTalks and other innovative videos. She channels her creativity into problem solving, deep conversations, and taking articles of clothing and reworking them into her own designs.