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Richard Joseph Neutra

Perspective view of the John Nicholas Brown ‘Windshield House’

Richard Joseph Neutra American, 1892-1970
Perspective view of the John Nicholas Brown ‘Windshield House’, 1936-1938
Diazo print with colored pencil, graphite, and gouache
21.1 x 27.9 cm (8 5/16 x 11 inches) (sheet)
Gift of the Richard J. Neutra Office 39.142.7

  • Richard Neutra’s designs for Windshield House, a summer home on New York’s Fishers Island, exemplify the Inter-national Modern Style of architecture. For Windshield House, Neutra adhered to the style’s technical precision, unornamented expression of structure, lightening of mass, and incorporation of brand-new products, such as aluminum windows, linoleum, and Buckminster Fuller’s one-piece Dymaxion bathroom. Neutra’s floor plan deviated from the modernist preference for flowing, open spaces. To meet the domestic needs of his client, the John Nicholas Brown family of Providence, Windshield House had a conventional room layout. Weeks after its completion, the house was severely damaged by the hurricane of 1938. The Brown family rebuilt and occupied the house until 1959. It was destroyed by fire in 1973.

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