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Master of the Providence Crucifixion Hillebrant van Rewijk

The Crucifixion with Two Thieves

Master of the Providence Crucifixion Netherlandish, ca. 1450 - 1460
Possibly Hillebrant van Rewijk
Netherlandish, 1455 - 1470
The Crucifixion with Two Thieves, ca. 1450-1460
Oil on panel
71.1 x 48.3 cm (28 x 19 inches)
Georgianna Sayles Aldrich, Mary B. Jackson, Jesse Metcalf, Edgar J. Lownes, Walter H. Kimball, Corporation Membership and Helen M. Danforth Acquisition Funds 61.080

  • The Crucifixion with Two Thieves is associated with northern Netherlandish paintings and miniatures known as the Soudenbalch group, a name derived from an illustrated Bible owned by the wealthy Utrecht clergyman Evert van Soudenbalch (1423/24-1503). Recent scholarship suggests that the artist, long called the Master of the Providence Crucifixion, is possibly Hillebrant van Rewijk, the only documented painter to receive commissions for Soudenbalch’s parish church between 1455 and 1470. During that period Utrecht workshops responded to the stylistic dominance of Bruges and in particular to the work of Jan van Eyck (ca. 1395-1441). In this highly expressive scene, van Eyck’s influence may be observed in the mixture of portrait-like and caricatured faces, the group of equestrians holding single lances, and the distant representation of the Holy City.

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