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September 19, 2013

The Artist's Lab: Dennis DelSignore — Paper in Bloom

  • 09_19 AL DelSignore Photo

Photography by Dennis DelSignore

5 – 7 pm, Danforth Room

Part of Locally Made’s One Room.

At The Artist’s Lab, become part of the experiment in these drop in labs run by contemporary artists who invite participants to experience their diverse artistic visions.

Participants will morph into floral designers as they actively engage in creating an evolving tablescape created entirely of paper forms and textures inspired by the natural world. — Dennis DelSignore

Free with museum admission.

I consider myself to be a charismatic designer with opportunities to create exciting, innovative environments for both everyday life and noteworthy events. The element of space is my canvas. Florals and fabric are my tools. Color and texture my palette. Alongside renowned designers Preston Bailey and Daniel Ost, I bring over twenty-five years of experience to a profession perpetually evolving and resonating with delight.