Stitching Together

A Pedagogical Model Mariela Yeregui College Faculty Teaching Student Voices Students in Mariela Yeregui's Decolonial E-Textiles class create radical, critical, situated, and anticolonial projects that combine textile techniques with simple and low-tech electronic mechanisms.

Alt Text and Accessibility

Describing the Act of Looking Grace Xiao College Faculty Teaching Student Voices How do we describe images and the experience of looking at images? Student Grace Xiao reflects on the process of writing alt text for "Variance: Making, Unmaking, and Remaking Disability."

Extraordinary Ordinary

A Pedagogical Model Rosa Weinberg College Educators Faculty Teaching Faculty member Rosa Weinberg reflects on the relevancy of art analysis as a starting point for exploring form in design and as a powerful habit of mind for beginning designers.

Wood Sculptures at RISD

Excavating the Storage Room College Faculty Teaching During the Fall of 2015, Brown’s graduate students in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture undertook an investigation of the wood sculptures in the RISD Museum collections.