Nancy Elizabeth Prophet

Reading List Kajette Solomon This reading list is not exhaustive and serves as a starting point to learn more about Nancy Elizabeth Prophet.

Transcending Time and Dimensions

Daniel Marot's Pendulum Clock in 3D Jiyeon Johnston College Student Voices A digital reinterpretation to Daniel Marot's clock print, merging old and new, exploring time's essence through evolving dimensions

From the Collection

How Did This Get Here? How did this get here? These past exhibitions interrogate institutional histories and reconsider conceptions of value. Lost in the Museum Inherent Vice Inherent Vice: Hidden Narratives  

Reading List

How Did This Get Here? How did this get here? These resources provide additional context for dialogue and conversation around the case studies featured in this section and other ongoing work at the museum. Unsettling History Acquisitions + Reuniting Histories | RISD Weekend 2020

Seeking Visibility

Gabrielle Patrone A summer intern reflects on diversity in the museum's Western European galleries and suggesting curatorial strategies for greater visibility

229 Felixes

Karina Gabarini College Student Voices A summer intern describes her experience delving into the RISD Museum's databases, searching for human elements