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F. Luis Mora

Her Arm was Seized in a Paralyzing Grip, late 1800s- mid 1900s


Strigil, 1st century CE-3rd century CE

Ancient Greek

Fragment of Standing Male Figure (kouros), ca. 330 BCE

Daniel Marot

Plate from Premier Livre de Tombeaux et Mozoles (First Book of Tombs and Mausoleums), 1712


One of a Pair of Lions, 618-907 CE

Ben Shahn

Circus Poster, Smithland, Kentucky, 1935

Nishimura Shigenaga

The actors Ichimura Takenojo as Kudo Suketsune and Sanjo Kantaro as the princess Tatsuhime in the play Hinazuru unagasu Soga performed at the Ichimura Theatre 1722.11, late 1730's

Peal & Co.

Spats worn by Murray Danforth family member, ca. 1918

Daniel Marot

Plate from Nouveaux Livre de Parterres contenant 24 penssez différantes (New Book of Garden Designs: Containing 24 Ideas), 1712

Katsushika Hokusai

Cockerels, chicks and spiderworts (Tsuyukusa ni niwatori), mid 1830's

Ben Shahn

The Family of a Resettlement Administration Client in the Doorway of their Home, Boone County, Arkansas, 1935


Hemidrachm, -350--350

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Nichiren Prays for the Restless Spirit of the Cormorant Fisherman at the Isawa River, 1885


A Female Immortal in a Landscape, 1800s


Textile Fragment, early 1800s

Utagawa Kunisada

The eleventh month: The Cock's Fair (Shimotsuki: Tori no machi), 1854.6

Utagawa Kunisada

The eighth month: moon viewing on the 15th night (Hatsuki: Jugoya), 1854.6

Felix Bonfils

42. Le Caire Mosquée de Mohammed-Ali Fontaine des Ablutions, ca. 1869

Daniel Marot

Plate from Nouveaux Livre de Lambris de Revestement à Panneaux (New Book of Paneling), 1712


Trimming (material), Tinsel, 1700s

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