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RISDM 2006-117-1.jpg

Jacob Hoefnagel, designer

Riddle: my skin is red, and white liquid is hidden within (Aenigma: Rubra mihi cutis est, latet intus niveus humor), 1592

Israël Silvestre the younger

Troisiesme Journée: Theatre dressé au milieu du grand estang representant l'Isle d'Alcine (Third Day: Theater set amidst the great pond representing the Isle d'Alcine), 1664
RISDM 60-021-26 v_05.jpg


Double Cosmetic Jar (Unguentarium), late 3rd century CE-4th century CE
RISDM 32-067 v_02.jpg


Four-drachma coin (tetradrachm), 297-282 BCE


Floor mosaic fragment depicting Silenus, 325-330
RISDM 52-444.jpg


Patchwork Quilt Topper, 1800-1849

Utagawa Hiroshige

Tree Sparrows and Camellia in Snow (Setchû tsubaki ni suzume), 1830's
RISDM 2012-21-2 v_01.jpg


Under Kimono (Han Juban), mid-1800s

Gérard Audran

Les Proportions du Corps Humain mesurées sur les plus belles Figures de l'Antiquité (The Proportions of the Human Body Measured on the Most Beautiful Figures from Antiquity), 1683


Ritual Knife, 206 BCE-CE 221
RISDM 2017-19-1 v_01.jpg

Aaron Angell

Sentient landscape with large courgette detail, 2011-2012
RISDM 2014-65-9.jpg

Gary Metz

Untitled (Print #199a), ca. 1970-1983

Edward Lear

Athwart the Place of Tombs, Kleissoura, Albania, for Morte d' Arthur by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1800s

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