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figure (representation); sculpture, 386-535 CE


Nō theater costume (nuihaku), mid 1700s


skirt, late 1800s-early 1900s

Ochiai Yoshiiku

Maboroshi, Chapter 41 from the Tale of Genji: Taira no Tomomori (Maboroshi: Shin chunagon Taira no Tomomori), 1863.12

J. Pascal Sébah

Posed Soldiers Thrusting Canon Loading-Pole Towards the Camera, late 1800s

Daniel Marot

Plate 1 from Premier Livre de Tombeaux et Mozoles (First Book of Tombs and Mausoleums), 1712

Gary Metz

Untitled (Print #251), ca. 1970-1983

Thomas Lyon Mills

Vidi Salire d'al Mare una Bestia (I saw Come from the Sea a Beast), 2013

Helen Torr

Abstract Landscape #9, late 1800s-mid1900s


Apparel fragment, 1600-1650


Cup and saucer, 1750-1800

Carlo Ponti

Pont de Rialto, ou Rivoalto - Rialto Bridge, Venice, late 1800s


Double leaf French manuscript , 1712


Textile fragment, 1500s - 1600s

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