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Ohdani (Woman’s Head Covering), 1800-1850

Erik Gould

Narragansett Electric Power Plant, Providence, 1992

Honoré Daumier

A Room at the Maison d'Or (Dans Un Cabinet de la Maison d'Or), late 1800s

Nishimura Shigenaga

The actors Ichimura Takenojo as Kudo Suketsune and Sanjo Kantaro as the princess Tatsuhime in the play Hinazuru unagasu Soga performed at the Ichimura Theatre 1722.11, late 1730's

James Van Der Zee

Whittier Preparatory School, Phoebus, Virginia, 1907, printed ca. 1973

Otto Morach

A. Welti-Furrer AG, Taxameter (A. Welti-Furrer Co., Taxameter), ca. 1926

Louis Legrand

The Remains of a Family (Épaves de famille), 1884

Leopoldo Méndez

También la tierra bebe tu sangre... (Also the Earth drinks your blood), 1947 (printed 1948)


sword mount, 300s - 600s


Stater, ca. 363-343 BCE

Yosa Buson

Rock ptarmigans and pine (Matsu ni raicho), 1810's

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Nichiren Prays for the Restless Spirit of the Cormorant Fisherman at the Isawa River, 1885

James Tissot

Ladies of the Chariots (Ces Dames des chars), 1883-1885

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