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RISDM 2015-136-22.jpg

Richard Pare

Leda and the Swan, Greco Roman Fragment, Casa Pilatos, Spain, Seville, 1983
RISDM 51-142.jpg

Unknown artist, English

Medallions Representing Personifications of Four of the Seven the Liberal Arts: Rhetoric, 1625-1675

Richard Tuttle

Sketch for Brown Univ. Announcement of Richard Tuttle, 1978
RISDM 1990-034 v01.jpg

ILC Dover

Eleven layers of material for Extravehicular Mobility Unit (textile sample), ca. 1983

Utagawa Hiroshige

The Second Block of the Miroku Licensed Quarter by the Abe River, Fuchu, 1855

Utagawa Kunisada

The Seventh Month: Waiting for the Moon (Fumizuki: Nijurokuya machi), 1854

Vik Muniz

Chicago, after Aaron Siskind, 1999

Unknown artist, Flemish

Double-sided sheet: Recto: Six Figures Copied from Albrecht Dürer's Presentation of the Virgin; Verso: fragment of a portrait sketch, 1630 - 1640

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