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Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III)

Reconciliation between Takeda and Uesugi at Kawanakajima in Shinano Province (Shinshu kawanakajima Takeda Uesugi waboku zu), 1850s-1860's

Utagawa Toyokuni II (Toyoshige)

The courtesan Tsukasa and her two kamuro Agena and Kocho of the Ogiya (Ogiyanaitsukasa agena kocho: Daimonguchi no rakugan), 1830's

Utagawa Hiroshige

Hiratsuka; subtitled Ferry across the Banyu River (Hiratsuka; Banyugawa funawatashi), 1854.7

Utagawa Hiroshige

Oiso: Saigyo retreat at Shigitatsusawa (Snipe Marsh) (Oiso: Shigitatsusawa Saigyo-an), 1854.7