Our collection currently contains more than 100,000 works of art and design dating from ancient times to today. Of these objects, 3,137 of them are on view in the museum now. 81,631 of them are available online. There are 4,020 recent acquisitions. All of our collection records are living documents. They are frequently revised and enhanced.

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Francis Towne

A View near Dolgelly with Part of Cader Idris, 1777
RISDM 53-012.jpg


The Marriage at Cana, 1500s
RISDM 64-024-7.jpg


Fashion Illustration, 1930-1935
RISDM 73-204-49.jpg

Francis Towne

In Ugbrook Park, with a Distant View of High Tor Rock, 1805

Felice Giani

Vestal Virgins Showing the Will of Augustus to Tiberius and the Senate, 1785-1790
RISDM 64-024-4.jpg


Fashion Illustration, 1900-1930
RISDM 2012-77 v_01.jpg

Anton Mauve

Three Cows Feeding (recto); Seated Bull (verso), 1838-1888

Tommaso Minardi

Lunette Design with Madonna and Child Enthroned, Flanked by Two Flying Angels, ca. 1815-1835
RISDM 50-212 v01.jpg

Joseph Pennell

The Cathedral of Canterbury from Christ’s Church Gateway, 1885