Our collection currently contains more than 100,000 works of art and design dating from ancient times to today. Of these objects, 2,444 of them are on view in the museum now. 81,666 of them are available online. There are 4,122 recent acquisitions. All of our collection records are living documents. They are frequently revised and enhanced.

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The Coronation of King Solomon, 1488
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Sant Claren (Saint Clare), 1471

Torii Kiyotomo

Actor as a street vendor selling hand towels and scent pouches in the shapes of kimono sleeves (Sanogawa Ichimatsu?), mid-1720s

Totoya Hokkei

Shojo parakeet and plum (Ume ni shojo inko), ca. 1820

Torii Kiyomitsu I

The actor Segawa Kikunojo II playing a hand drum (nidai Segawa Kikunojo), early 1760s
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Fable Illustrating Punished Greed, 1483