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Jean Jacques Lagrenee II

Double-sided sheet: Recto: scene from biblical history; Verso: various sketches of figures, mid 1700s - early 1800s


Neptune and Thetis; after a print by Jacob Matham after Bartholomaeus Spranger, ca. 1600

Utagawa Hiroshige

Horned Owl, Pine, and Crescent Moon (Mikazuki shôjô no mimizuku), 1830s

Peal & Co.

Spats worn by Murray Danforth family member, ca. 1918

Lucas Foglia

Greg and Zane, After Horn Hunting, Wyoming, 2011


Chimera, ca. 475–525 CE


Drinking horn, 1600s - 1700s


Baker Blowing Horn, 1700s


Bianco Sopra Bianco Delft Plate, ca. 1765