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Fashion Illustration, 1930-1935

Syd Hoff

Hello Elsie - It's Official, 1900s

Taguchi Beisaku

Illustration of the invasion of China during which our troops fought fiercely in ice and snow and Major General Oshima bravely faced the enemy in ice and snow at Kaesong, 1895.3
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Fashion Illustration, ca. 1926

Edward Lear

An Illustration to Tennyson's Poem:A Dream of Fir Women:Wady Feiran, pal (sic), 1856
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Fashion Illustration, 1900-1930

Utagawa Hiroshige

Barn Swallows and Flowering Crabapple in Bud (Himekaidô to tsubame), 1830's
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Kobayashi Eitaku

Selected designs by Sensai Eitaku: A picture book of miscellany: Vol. 2, Published Meiji 20, 1889
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Bible Illustration, late 1600s

Edward Lear

An Illustration to Tennyson's Poem:The Palace of Art, Capo Sant' Angelo, Amalfi, 1800s