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Félix Hilaire Buhot

Winter in Paris or Paris in the Snow (L'Hiver à Paris ou La Neige à Paris), 1879

Utagawa Kunisada

The third month: The Doll Festival (Yayoi: Hina matsuri), 1854.4
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Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici, early 1600s - mid 1600s

Utagawa Yoshitsuru

Opening siege of Minamoto no Yoritomo; Hojo Tokimasa and others attack Yamaki Hangan at his mansion (Minamoto no Yoritomo no hataage Hojo Tokimasa sono hoka Yamaki Hangan no yashiki ni oshiyoseru), 1847-1852


Dragonfly and Flower (Kabocha ni tonbo), mid 1800s

Utagawa Kunisada

The ninth month: Chrysanthemum Festival party in the ninth month (Choyo: Kiku ? no tsuki utage), 1854.4
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Félicien Rops

Farewell at the Parc d'Auteuil (Les Adieux d'Auteuil), 1869
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Sigmar Polke

Cologne Beggers IV (Kölner Bettler IV), 1972