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Lothar Schreyer

Color Form 2 from Stage Production: Death of a Child (Farbform 2 aus Bühnenwerk: Kindsterben), 1921

Tommaso Minardi

Lunette Design with Madonna and Child Enthroned, Flanked by Two Flying Angels, ca. 1815-1835
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Bacchus, late 1500s- mid 1600s

Pietro Rotari

Apollo and Marsyas; Verso: studies of figures in graphite, mid 1700s

Édouard Manet

Mlle. Victorine in the Costume of an Espada (Victorine Meurent), 1862

Hans Bol

The Resurrection of Christ, ca. 1573

Pietro Rotari

Apollo and Marsyas: Verso: studies of figures in graphite, 1700s