Transcending Time and Dimensions

Daniel Marot's Pendulum Clock in 3D
Lit_ID 22488 blueprint_clock_banner.png


When I initially encountered a print of a pendulum clock by the 18th-century designer Daniel Marot, it struck me as something akin to a blueprint. Despite lacking specific measurements and details of the clock's internal mechanisms, Marot masterfully captured the essence of the clock through his depiction of elaborate elements such as leaf scrolls and pedestal feet, evoking the distinctive Baroque style. This inspired me to reimagine Marot's clock design using contemporary technology, not as a clockmaker, but as a digital media artist.



Recreating the Baroque-style pendulum clock depicted in Marot's 18th-century print using 21st-century digital tools brings together the charm of old and new, making me ponder the profound interplay between the passage of time and the ever-shifting dimensions of existence. As the video unfolds, the clock's hand sweeps and gradually accelerates, leading us through a transition between different dimensions, prompting reflections on how time's flow intertwines with the intricate fabric of reality itself.

Through this digital interpretation, I aim to capture the core of Marot's artistic finesse during the Baroque era. Guided by the camera, viewers are treated to a detailed exploration of the clock's intricate elements and embellishments, allowing a deeper appreciation of Marot's visionary craftsmanship. As the video progresses, the 3D model's wireframe structure emerges, echoing the lines etched in the original print. This visual shift accentuates the evolution of both technology and artistry, underscoring how Marot's legacy has transcended time and artistic forms. Modeling the clock from his print and creating a video made me feel like I achieved the print's meaning, serving as a design guide to a clockmaker. The only difference is that due to technological development, I could digitally build one of his clocks. Ultimately, this video presentation stands as a homage to the enduring influence of Daniel Marot–an artist whose creations continue to enchant and captivate.





Jiyeon Johnston was a 2023 Mellon Summer Intern in Creative Production. Ji is a senior at Rhode Island College studying Digital Media.