Full-Time Summer Internship Programs

The RISD Museum partners with the Studio Institute’s Arts Intern Program to offer full-time summer internships. 

The Arts Intern program provides exciting opportunities for college undergraduates to learn about nonprofit professions through internships at museums and other cultural institutions. The program seeks candidates with demonstrated financial need and encourages applicants from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Program details

Each intern works closely with a staff mentor on a project relevant to their areas of interest. In addition, Arts Interns must participate in the education component of the program, which is spread out across nine program days throughout the summer. These days will be used to visit other institutions in their city as a cohort, where the interns will have the opportunity to learn about other jobs in the field, and to complete program assignments.

Applicants must be enrolled as full-time undergraduate students as of the Fall 2024 semester and must be rising Juniors or Seniors. They must attend college or live within Providence County. Lastly, they must have an Expected Family Contribution equal or less than $6250 (as listed on the student’s FAFSA form). International students are not eligible for this program. 

This program is 9 weeks in length, 28 hours per week, between June and August, 2024. One day each week is a "program day," spent in a cohort with students interning at other Arts Intern partner organizations. Interns receive a stipend of $5,040 ($20 per hour) and an additional $525 stipend for completing the program days. Visit the Arts Intern website for more information. 

Rolling application open until April 1; we will start reviewing applications on March 15.

Positions for 2024

Graphic Design
The graphic design intern will learn how to design experiential graphics from concept to delivery of files for production. The intern will work with the curators, museum editor, and installation manager to design the graphics for an upcoming exhibition while receiving guidance and instruction from the graphic design department. They will be introduced to the systems, tools, and processes the RISD Museum uses and will practice everyday workflow, management, and design strategies. The applicant should be in graphic design training and already have significant skills in graphic design and the use of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator for creating print design work.

Teen Programs
The Family & Teen Programs intern will be focused on summer programming for kids and teens at the museum and in the community. This will include providing hands-on programming for community partners and general museum visitors as we pilot our July Summer Drop-In Studio.  This intern will work with museum staff to deliver programming, evaluate impact and adjust the project as needed, and create a report.  The intern should have experience with people of all ages, strong interest or experience with children is required. Able to be creative, open to feedback, and interested in engaging in an iterative process. An artistic practice is preferred.

How to apply

1. Before you apply using the application form below, you MUST complete Arts Intern's eligibility check

2. Once you have received a response from Arts Intern staff confirming your eligibility, apply for RISD Museum positions here.