RISD Museum Board of Governors and Fine Arts Committee

Board of Governors

The RISD Museum Board of Governors provides oversight of the RISD Museum on behalf of RISD’s Board of Trustees and assists and supports the Museum in fulfilling its mission to acquire, preserve, exhibit, and interpret works of art and design representing diverse cultures from ancient times to the present.

Below is a listing of current members of the RISD Museum Board of Governors for the 2020 – 2021 term.


J. Scott Burns, Chair *
Karen Hammond, Vice Chair *
Andrew Green, M.D., Vice Chair
Vincent Buonanno
Norman Chan (RISD BArch 1985) *
Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.
Hannah Metcalf Childs
Glenn M. Creamer
Allison Dessel
Erica Di Bona *
Robert W. Glass *
Paula Koffler Granoff (RISD Hon. Doctorate, 2010) +
Doris Licht
Judy Mann
Ann Metcalf
Pauline C. Metcalf (RISD Hon. Doctorate, 2010) +
Stephen Metcalf +
Zesty Meyers
Meghan Reilly Michaud (RISD BFA 2001, Graphic Design)
Helene J. Miller
Ehsun Mirza, M.D.
Daniel Murray, Esq.
Alan Nathan
Jessica Nathan
Stacey Nicholas*
Carol Nulman
Clay Rockefeller
Reza Taleghani
Toots Zynsky (RISD BFA 1973, Sculpture)

* denotes RISD Trustee | + denotes Emeriti RISD Trustee


Jane Chace Carroll +
Kathryn M. Parsons

+ denotes Emeriti RISD Trustee

Ex Officio
Kent Kleinman
RISD Provost

Michael Spalter
Chair of the RISD Board of Trustees

John W. Smith
RISD Museum Director

Rosanne Somerson
RISD President, RISD BFA 1976, Industrial Design


Fine Arts Committee

The Fine Arts Committee (Committee) is appointed to assist the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum (Museum) Board of Governors (Board) in overseeing the growth and evolution of the Museum’s collection.


  1. Advise the Museum Director and Museum Staff on and approve all acquisitions, including both purchases and gifts (including partial and promised gifts); deaccessions; and incoming and outgoing loans.
  2. Advise the Museum Director and Museum Staff on all other issues of collection care.
  3. Periodically review the Museum’s Collection Management Policy and Code of Ethics.
  4. Approve any exceptions to the Museum’s Collection Management Policy; this power may be exercised by the Chair of the Committee jointly with the Museum Director.
  5. Monitor progress on those Board-approved goals relating to the Committee’s responsibilities.
  6. Perform such other, related duties as the Committee or Board deems necessary or appropriate.
  7. Establish, annually review, and update as needed a work plan for carrying out the Committee’s responsibilities.
  8. Annually review and reassess the adequacy of the charter and the Committee’s performance and effectiveness.
  9. Recommend any appropriate actions for consideration by the Executive Committee.

Below is a listing of current members of the RISD Museum Fine Arts Committee.

Fine Arts Committee

Andrew Green, M.D., Chair
Lindsey Beal °
J. Scott Burns, Esq. *
Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.
Maria Hambourg
Jay Glasson
Paula Koffler Granoff, Hon. D. +
Juana I. Horton
Judy Mann
Stephen Metcalf *
Frances Middendorf
Rebecca (Becky) More
Alfred T. Morris, Jr.
Susan Morris
Bill Tsiaras
George Waterman

denotes Museum Governor | ° denotes RISD Faculty | * denotes RISD Trustee | + denotes Honorary RISD Trustee

Non-voting Ex Officio Members
Kent Kleinman (RISD Provost)
Rosanne Somerson (RISD President, RISD BFA 1976, Industrial Design)
John W. Smith (RISD Museum Director)


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