In Class / Motion Design

Instructor title: Ron Pearl, Critic
Class title: Motion Design

Create a “video poster” exploring one of the various galleries and collections at the RISD Museum. The video will be presented as part of an installation within the RISD WORKS window display Each student will be given 10 art/design objects from a specific collection. Using only photographic imagery supplied by the Museum and original typography, create a one-minute animated poster with sound.

The text the video poster should include:

  1. collection name
  2. Now Showing
  3. Museum logo
  4. short text description of each object

The Museum’s student/faculty liaison, Hollis Mickey, helped with logistics and access to the Museum’s collections. The Museum supplied my students with gorgeous high-resolution photography of art and design objects as visual content for the posters. Hollis was invited to be a guest critic and offered a unique perspective to the class’s final presentation.


Ron Pearl
RISD Critic