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Curatorial, Conservation, and Registration

Christopher Alviar
Post Production Photography Assistant

Emily Banas
Assistant Curator, Decorative Arts and Design

Denise Bastien
Registrar, Documentation and Digital Resources

Laurie Brewer
Curator, Costume and Textiles

Sháńdíín Brown
Henry Luce Curatorial Fellow for Native American Art

Wai Yee Chiong
Associate Curator, Asian Art

Alex Dunwoodie
Collection Information & Digital Resources Assistant

Tara Emsley
Registrar, Exhibitions and Loans

Christin Fitzgerald
Paper Preservation Specialist

Caleb Getto
Matting and Framing Assistant

Erik Gould

Sionan Guenther
Associate Registrar, Digital Resources

Kate Irvin
Curator and Department Head, Costume and Textiles

Anna Rose Keefe
Assistant Conservator, Costume & Textiles

Marny Kindness
Exhibition Manager and Curatorial Administrator

Joseph Leduc
Head Registrar

Sarah Mirseyedi
Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow 

Dominic Molon
Interim Chief Curator & Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art

Conor Moynihan
Assistant Curator, Prints, Drawings & Photographs

Erika Namaka
Assistant Registrar, Permanent Collection

Ingrid Neuman
Senior Conservator

Maureen O’Brien
Curator, Painting and Sculpture

Jac Parker
Associate Registrar, Collections Management

Nicole Priedemann
Assistant Registrar, Exhibitions and Loans

Brianna Turner
Conservation Assistant

Jessica Urick
Associate Conservator, Costume and Textiles

Elizabeth A. Williams
David and Peggy Rockefeller Curator of Decorative Arts and Design

Director's Office

Sarah Ganz Blythe
Interim Director and Deputy Director of Exhibitions, Education, and Programs

Tricia Hoffman
Assistant to the Director

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Exhibitions, Education, and Programs

Christina Alderman
Director, Family and Teen Programs

Lily Benedict
Museum Educator, School Programs

Brendan Campbell
Graphic Designer

Carlos De La Rosa
Content Producer, Digital Initiatives

Deborah Clemons
Director, Public Programs

Sarah Ganz Blythe
Deputy Director of Exhibitions, Education, and Programs

Kate Hao
Public Programs Coordinator 

Mariani Lefas-Tetenes
Director, School and Teacher Programs

Laura Ostrander
Supervisor, Department of Preparation and Installation

Thom Morin
Museum Preparator and Collection Care Specialist

Haydee Naula
Academic & K-12 Programs Coordinator,

Michael Owen
Museum Preparator and Collection Care Specialist

Amy Pickworth
Assistant Director of Museum Publications and Senior Editor

Alexandra Poterack
Director, Museum Academic Programming

Jeremy Radtke
Director, Digital Initiatives

Kristin Samuelson
Museum Preparator and Collection Care Specialist

Derek Schusterbauer
Senior Graphic Designer

Kajette Solomon
Museum SEI Program Specialist

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Stephen Wing
Manager, Installation and Preparation

Finance, Operations, Visitor Services

Jen Bose
Director of Museum Finance & Business Operations

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Michael Cheatham
Desk Attendant
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Jack Cummings
Visitor Services Weekend Supervisor

Amanda Eckhardt
Visitor Services Manager
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A. Howard
Database Manager

Lucia Huntley
Desk Attendant
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Philip Lessard
Manager of Safety, Security, and Facilities

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Peter Mrozowski
Desk Attendant
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Samuel Nehila
Desk Attendant

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Ashley Pelletier
Security Shift Supervisor
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Rachel Storey
Business Operations Coordinator 

Tim Taliaferro 
Group Visit Coordinator
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Marketing and Communications

Julia Temple
Marketing and Public Relations Manager

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Kara Nandin
Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Museum Advancement

Lauren Faria
Assistant Director, Institutional Giving and Evaluation

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Ariane Porter
Membership Engagement Coordinator
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Amee Spondike
Senior Executive Director, Museum Development

Tammie Worthington-Witczak
Associate Director, Donor Relations, Museum + Volunteer Management
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