"Two Boots" and Four Portraits

The RISD Museum’s 2009 acquisition of the Richard Brown Baker collection included two drawings by the English artist Howard Selina—Cowboy Hat (1974) and Two Boots (1974)—carefully and precisely rendered drawings in graphite on paper of well-worn, utilitarian garments.

Design as Repair

The Dosa Travel Coat

Dubbed a travel coat by artist and designer Christina Kim, this is a garment made for journeys long and far, both real and imagined, for traversing territories in the mind as much as in the physical world.

The Head in Focus

Benin Art and Visual History

The discovery of these treasures resembles that of a valuable manuscript. They are a new “Codex Africanus,” not written on fragile papyrus, but in ivory and imperishable brass.

Object Lessons

Object Lessons is an ongoing video series on the RISD Museum website that focuses on works in the collection and offers new perspectives.