Pedagogy and Practice

The RISD Museum was founded on the belief that art, artists, and the institutions that support them play pivotal roles in promoting broad civic engagement and creating more open societies. Working collaboratively and responsively, we aspire to reflect and support multiple perspectives, cross-cultural dialogues, and opportunities for free expression. We interpret our collection with the focus on the maker and we deeply engage with art and artists, presenting ideas and perspectives that can be inspiring and complex. We aspire to create an​​ accessible and inclusive environment that builds meaningful relationships across all communities.

At a time in our politico-social landscape when issues of racial identity, cultural difference, and social integration are at the forefront of public consciousness, institutions such as ours can create common spaces in which the community can productively encounter a diversity of perspectives. We recognize that museums are not neutral spaces and that our collections reflect power structures of exclusion.

We use a variety of instructional strategies that encourage the development of critical thinking and problem solving, inviting each participant to share personal experiences and examine their own perspectives, values and beliefs.

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