About the Artists


Pablo Helguera is a Mexican artist who lives and works in New York. His projects span installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, socially engaged art, and performance, drawing inspiration from topics ranging from history, pedagogy, and sociology. His work often takes on unusual forms of presentation, which have included road trips, phonographic recordings, musical performances, and books.


Pablo Bronstein was born in Argentina and lives and works in London and Deal, England. Drawing is his primary medium, but he is also engaged in installations, choreography, and performance. Pulling from his deep knowledge and affection for historical architecture and the decorative arts, he interrogates these disciplines with humor and imagination for what they reveal about social ambitions, politics, and other concerns.


Triple Canopy is a magazine based in New York and founded in 2007. The magazine is devoted to sustained inquiry and creative research through collaborations with artists, writers, technologists, and designers. Issues of the magazine are published online and include digital works of art and literature, public conversations, exhibitions, performances, books, and software.


Nicole Eisenman lives and works in New York and received her BFA from RISD in 1987. Her work in painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture adapts traditional art-historical techniques and approaches to an often satirical depiction of contemporary society and its discontents. Eisenman’s practice is also defined by a commitment to representing the complex implications of the body as a site of desire and identity and to addressing issues of gender and sexuality.


Beth Katleman is an American sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York. She is best known for creating extravagantly detailed rococo installations laced with dark humor and literary references. Katleman casts found objects such as vintage dolls and other flea-market trinkets in white porcelain, then arranges them into ornate tableaus, fusing elements of high and low art and creating allegories that draw from pop culture, fairy tales, and classic literature.


Simone Leigh lives and works in New York. Her sculptures, installations, videos, and performances address the complex realities and challenges of contemporary women of color internationally, in a manner that is both critical and analytical, heroic and celebratory. Leigh’s practice is also characterized by a rigorous investment in and dynamic reconsideration of the process of making objects or staging situations, experimenting with new mediums and approaches to give the social, historical, and political themes and explorations in her work an even greater impact.


Sebastian Ruth is a musician, educator, and organizer whose work has been in reimagining careers for musicians at the intersection of performance, teaching, and deep community collaboration. Through the work of Community MusicWorks, the organization he founded in 1997, Sebastian and his colleagues have continually experimented with the forms and traditions of music making.


Paul Scott is an English artist who lives and works in Cumbria, UK. He appropriates traditional blue and white transferwares to make artwork for twentyf-first-century audiences. Using selective erasure, new prints, collage, breakage, and re-assemblage, he alters historic tablewares to depict the contemporary landscape. At the same time he also commemorates and celebrates a rich, complex historical genre that is inextricably linked to wider visual and political cultures. New American Scenery is made possible by a lead grant from the Alturas Foundation with additional support from Ferrin Contemporary and Arts Council England.