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After Guido Reni

Heads of Two Elders (fragment from Susannah and the Elders), 1600s

Andy Warhol

Untitled (Double exposure of polychrome Christ on Crucifix and painting, "Cleopatra" after Guido Reni), 1969


Reverse copy of Holy Family with John the Baptist and Elizabeth , ca. 1590-1610
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William Sharp, printmaker

The Doctors of the Church Consulting Upon the Immaculateness of the Virgin, 1785
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Guido Reni, designer and printmaker

Descrittione degli Apparati Fatti in Bologna per la venuta di N.S. Papa Clemente VIII (Description of the apparati made in Bologna for the entrance..., 1599
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Unknown artist

Painting crowned by Cupid, late 1600s
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After Guido Reni

Christ Child and infant St John the Baptist, ca. 1620 - 1650