Our collection currently contains more than 100,000 works of art and design dating from ancient times to today. Of these objects, 2,444 of them are on view in the museum now. 81,666 of them are available online. There are 4,122 recent acquisitions. All of our collection records are living documents. They are frequently revised and enhanced.

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Dish in the shape of a fish, around 1307-1070 BCE
RISDM 46-465-150.jpg

Daniel Marot

Plate 1 from "Nouveaux Livre de Boïtes de Pendules de Coqs..." (New Book of Pendulum Clocks, Pocketwatch Cases, and other things necessary to Clockmakers), 1712

Torii Kiyotomo

Actor as a street vendor selling hand towels and scent pouches in the shapes of kimono sleeves (Sanogawa Ichimatsu?), mid-1720s

J.H. Peta

Microcalligraphy in the Shape of a Rosette, after 1553


Vessel in the Shape of a Buddhist Begging Bowl, 1800s

Burmese, Myanmar

Box in the Shape of a Mythological Hintha Bird, ca. 1900 - 1960
RISDM 2018-21-2.jpg

Jyoti Bhatt

Haryana Women Making “Sanjhi” at Craft Village, New Delhi, 1977

Clare Rojas

Untitled (lady with black hair and pink shirt), 2005