RISD Art Circle 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 RISD Art Circle (RAC) is made up of a group of high school students from Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Through their efforts in this program, RAC members represent the youth community and offer an outlook that isn’t always present in the art world. The RISD Art Circle program was established in 2014; this is the first group of students involved.

This year’s RAC team aspires to:

  • Make teen leadership and the voice of RAC seen and heard at the RISD Museum
  • Create opportunities for themselves and visitors to the Museum to gain new perspectives on art
  • Expose themselves and visitors to new ideas and innovative objects
  • Offer ways for themselves and visitors to make personal connections with works of art
  • Cultivate creative spirit

2014-2015 RAC is:

Alex, he is just a person who exists in the world. China, United States. Currently studying in School One, Providence, Rhode Island. Going to School of Visual Arts next year. Art student, knows a little bit about drawing, painting, and clothing. His role in the RAC is the same as everyone else’s: to present and make an effort, as we all committed to this. He thinks RAC is the place that he can speak for himself and the RISD Museum will value his opinions. All RAC members give many new perspectives to the Museum.

Angela is a yarn enthusiast from Providence, Rhode Island. Her interest in the arts has led her on a wonderful creative journey, arriving at the RISD Museum, where she has spent many happy hours making, discussing, and learning with friends and peers. Angela hopes to continue exploring life through art-making and analysis of the visual world around her.

Becca is a senior art major at Lincoln School in Providence and lives in Cumberland, Rhode Island. She is passionate about leaving an artistic presence in the world in some capacity. She enjoys painting, reading, calculus, and MGMT. She has been coming to the RISD Museum since she was very little, and her favorite piece to revisit in the Museum is Le Repos by Édouard Manet.

Emma is a homeschooled high school senior in Barrington, Rhode Island. She spends a lot of her time working on local and national Unitarian Universalist events and conferences. Emma first came to the RISD Museum when was eight years old, and her visit made a lasting impression. She still enjoys the Museum immensely and visits at least twice a week. Her favorite piece in the Museum is Untitled, a blackboard painting by Cy Twombly.

Filipa was born in Portugal and is currently a junior at Seekonk High School. She enjoys art and traveling. She has been coming to the RISD Museum since she was 11, and has experienced moments of happiness there, from insight to happy crying, and friendship.Her favorite piece at the Museum is the Buddha statue. She is very excited about the experience of working with an architecture exhibition, as she aspires to become an architect.

India is a senior at Bay View Academy in Riverside, Rhode Island. Her favorite things are magazines, skateboards, and rice. She has been visiting the RISD Museum since she can remember. Her favorite ways to make art are through writing and drawing (scribbling) on everything. It is impossible for her to pick a favorite anything, but if she had to pick a random piece of excellent artwork to mention, it would be Jenny Saville’s Reverse.

Jennifer is a senior at Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence, and she is interested in one day becoming an architect. She loves to learn about new things because you can never know too much. Her way of making art is through sewing, painting, and building things. The first time she ever visited the RISD Museum was when she was 10 years old, and ever since her favorite room is, as she says, “the blue room covered in paintings.”

Julia is a senior at the Greene School and lives in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Her participation in various teen programs at the RISD Museum has rekindled her childhood interest in art and design. Her art-making is inspired by texture and found objects.

Sahira is a junior at Classical High School. She was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and has been surrounded by art her entire life thanks to her stepdad, who is a painter. In her free time, she likes to paint, write, meet new people, and explore nature.

Ysanel is a feminist, visual artist, and youth advocate. She is currently studying at the Met School and the AS220 Youth Studio. Providence, Rhode Island, is not only her home, but also a place she works to jumpstart the empowering of youth through street art and popular culture. She uses the RISD Museum as a resource for her own work, and she stands on the shoulders of artists and revolutionaries whose work is or has been exhibited there.

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