RISD Art Circle 2021-2022

The RISD Art Circle (RAC) is a group of young artists and art enthusiasts who explore the RISD Museum collection and activate the Museum galleries through events, interpretative projects, community collaborations, and hands-on learning activities, inspiring all of us to see the world in a creative way.

Abby (she/her) is a passionate cancer who collects bunny tchotchkes, loves German film, and is always wearing platform shoes. Her perfect day is being stormed-in, reading romantic magic realism novels, and skimming Elle Decor catalogs to inspire her interior design Pinterest boards. 

Blue: I am an energetic free spirited being While being connected in the community As well as to myself. I will continue to be great and reliable. I also love making music as well as listening to it. I like chocolate too.

Emily (she/her) is a sarcastic gemini who could probably recite a whole episode of “The Office” if asked to.

Jojo loves horror movies and being the drama. A professional talker, they can be found excitedly explaining the lore of their favorite franchise for anyone willing to listen. Chances are, they’ll have a drastically different look from the time you last saw them.

I’m Joshelin, I'm 15 and my zodiac sign is Taurus. I was born with a big love of art and when it comes to creating something I want to be able to open up my imagination. When I have freetime I love to read books, especially lovey dovey rom coms, and do puzzles.

Maya (she/her) a hyperpop-loving novice crocheter. She has a deep seated fear of encountering quick sand and hopes to be reincarnated as an axolotl.

Ruby (she/her) is an avid painter and especially loves portraiture. She has killed two houseplants so far this year and is working hard to keep her others alive. Right now she’s obsessed with all shades of green, her toothless diabetic senile terrier, and the power-c flavor of vitamin water.

Sebastian (he/him) is a seemingly average Puertorican who loves comedy but can’t make others laugh. Somewhat social and aspires to have the “sinful” job of a graphic designer (his chem teacher’s word, not his).

Sofia is a free-spirited Central Park lover with a thing for Taylor Swift. She’s been working on her soul-body connection and has an affinity for celestial jewelry.



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