RISD Art Circle 2020-2021

The RISD Art Circle (RAC) is a group of young artists and art enthusiasts who explore the RISD Museum collection and activate the Museum galleries through events, interpretative projects, community collaborations, and hands-on learning activities, inspiring all of us to see the world in a creative way.

Abby (she/her) is a mystical being who can read your past in German while doing the best bunny impression you’ve ever seen. You’ll find Abby reading, writing, or advocating for the things she is passionate about, like immigration policy and feminism.

Alex (she/her) is a vibrant performer who loves the nitty-gritty technical aspects of music. As someone who is a believer in their body being a temple, Alex makes sure that the food she consumes makes her feel as good as possible.

Ana (she/they) is a potato lover who enjoys underglaze ceramics. Ana can be messy but loves bullet lists and enjoys watching children’s movies to make her smile.

Cecily (they/them) is an aspiring crazy cat lady, artist, and appreciator of a plethora of art forms from theater to rug making. Cecily also loves music and plays the violin and guitar.

Dom (he/they) is an Indonesian American who likes to engage in cavernous conversations. He is very organized and enjoys swimming and hairless cats.

Eliana (she/her) can be found taking personality tests or BuzzFeed quizzes in her free time. She enjoys listening to all genres of music and socializing with people that she’s familiar with.

Emily (she/her) is an introverted Gemini and competitive dancer. This ballerina is also a bookworm, loves math, and specializes in sketching and digital art.

James (he/him) creates laughter, poetry, music and more. He has an infectious charisma that compliments his stylish sensibilities. James likes Takis and guacamole, do not try to feed him hummus.

Jessica (she/her) despises onions and is heavily reliant on auto-correct. She is passionate about musicals and biology and loves spicy food. 

Keira (she/her) is a painter with one foot in the past and another on a paddleboard. She plays piano, watches horror movies, and eats Wendy’s.

Miles (he/him) will save the world sword fighting while drinking a white Monster energy drink and driving a Dodge Charger Hellcat. Miles loves to draw and explore and is passionate about cars.

Sofia (she/her) has watched Bojack Horseman more times than she can count, loves to paint, and sleeps in for everything. She expresses her creativity through Instagram story art, punk music, and unique fashion.

Solange (any/all pronouns) is a woke extroverted Leo communist who loves making music, watching horror movies, doing makeup, and getting her nails done.


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